Main Bracket Deadline
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The Andrew M. Radcliffe Scholarship Fund has been established to help college bound Cambridge South Dorchester High School seniors who are in need of financial assistance. Your support is greatly appreciated. Even small contributions go a long way to help some great kids. Thank you!

Wall of Champions

Year Ri Champ NCAA Champ
2013 Mindy Black-Kelly Louisville
2012 Laura Patterson Kentucky
2011 Mary Beth Welch Connecticut
2010 Cheyenne Abbott Duke
2009 Erin Markin North Carolina
2008 Steph Alexander Kansas
2007 Jenna Welch Florida
2006 Brianne Weaver Florida
2005 Jer Hubbard North Carolina
2004 Amy Welch Connecticut
2003 Lora Pride Syracuse

Current Leaders

Name Score Max Poss.
Chris Mann 101 101
Audrey Giese 84.5 84.5
Shawn Gustafson 82 82
John Giese 75.5 75.5
Dave Miller 75 75
Kevin Marcus 74.5 74.5
Chris Sedwick 73 73
Jim Welch 73 73
Dakota Abbott 73 73
Stacey Willey 72 72